Sideline Cheer Program: (Ages 6-14)

Welcome to our vibrant Sideline Cheer program, where spirit, enthusiasm, and teamwork take center stage! Designed for ages 6-14, our program offers a dynamic and inclusive environment that fosters a love for cheerleading while building essential life skills.

Cheering for All Ages:

Our Sideline Cheer program is a celebration of cheerleading at every age level. From our youngest cheerleaders at age 6 to our experienced teenagers at age 14, everyone is welcome to be part of the excitement. Whether your child is taking their first steps into cheerleading or is a seasoned cheer enthusiast, our program caters to all skill levels.

Through fun and age-appropriate routines, they learn team cheers, chants, and simple dance moves. Our experienced coaches create an encouraging atmosphere, ensuring that every child feels confident and part of the cheer family.


Inclusive Team Spirit:

One of the core values of our Sideline Cheer program is inclusivity. Whether your child is a newcomer or a seasoned cheerleader, they will be warmly welcomed into our cheer family. Our experienced coaching staff ensures that every participant, regardless of their cheer background, feels supported, valued, and encouraged to shine both on and off the sidelines.

Beyond the Sidelines:

Our Sideline Cheer program extends beyond the football field. Cheerleaders not only bring energy to the games but also participate in community events, parades, and cheer competitions. This holistic approach allows participants to develop not only as cheerleaders but also as well-rounded individuals who understand the importance of community spirit and teamwork.

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Join us in the exhilarating world of Sideline Cheer, where every cheerleader, from the youngest to the oldest, contributes to the collective spirit that defines our program. Enroll your child today for an experience that combines skill development, team camaraderie, and the joy of spreading cheer!

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Parent & Athlete Expectations

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